As stockists of a wide variety and vast amount of concrete pots we are focused on top quality at affordable prices.

We are stockists of pre-cast concrete, GRC (glass reinforced concrete), Fibreglass cement and polymer concrete pots. These specific raw materials are used to make these concrete pots with the maximum strength and durability. As these concrete pots must be able to take allot of pressure and strain, it is of the upmost importance that these pots must be manufactured of the best materials on the market.

As time progress, new raw materials are being discovered and the ornamental concrete pots are getting lighter and lighter, staying just as strong or even stronger than the old, heavy concrete pots as we use to know in the past.

Concrete pots can be used anywhere around the house, in the garden and/or on the patio. These pots can also be fitted with driptrays to prevent water stains on tiled patios. Concrete pots comes in different shapes and sizes and can be painted to match your indoor & outdoor surroundings.

Concrete pots are the containers of our outdoor living spaces!!!


Picture Gallery of Concrete Containers at our premises: