As stockists of a wide variety and vast amount of concrete wallplaques we are focused on top quality at affordable prices. The finest detail on these concrete wallplaques are also of the upmost importance.

We are stockists of pre-cast concrete, GRC (glass reinforced concrete), fibreglass cement and polymer concrete wallplaques. Coloured wallplaques for eg. terracotta, the colour will be mixed into the cement before casting, to prevent the products colour from fading during sun abuse.

Concrete wallplaques can also be painted to each individuals spesification. A normal waterbase PVA paint can be used to paint any wallplaque to suit your needs. After painting a sealer can be painted on to protect the product from the elements.

Wallplaques where made many years ago. The main reason? To enhance and uplift our surrounding living areas, indoors as well as outdoors. Wallplaques are mainly used to create focal points on walls, at strategic places. Each wallplaque comes with a hook or several hook depending on the size for easier installation.

Wallplaques are the portraits of our outdoor living spaces!!!


Picture Gallery of Concrete wallplaques at our premises: