We are stockists of pre-cast concrete, GRC (glass reinforced concrete), Fibreglass cement, Fibreglass and Polymer concrete waterfeatures. These waterfeatures are manufactured with different materials, many different chemicals are also added to ensure these waterfeatures are waterproof. Waterproofing is one of the most important features of a waterfeature.

Waterfeatures made from concrete are very heavy and less expensive compared to fibreglass waterfeatures which are lightweight but very expensive. These features makes it easy or very difficult to handle. Always remember that when a concrete waterfeature is being stacked, that the loose parts are always securely fitted in place. If not it can lead to serious injury.

Concrete waterfeatures can be painted any colour to suit there outdoor surrounding or the customers needs. It can be painted with a normal waterbase PVA paint. After painting a sealer can be painted over to protect it from the elements.

Waterfeature Pumps:

We stock Waterfall Garden Pumps submersible / inline pumps from a flow 400 up to a flow 8500 litres per hour.

Waterfall Flow pumps are driven by a permanent "rare earth" magnet delivering an extremely strong magnetism and thus a more powerful pump with the same size and electrical consumption as the old design of less effective pumps.The "rare earth" magnet is fully encapsulated in plastic protecting both the pump and pond life simultaneously.

These pumps are designed for use in fresh and salt water applications.The Waterfall Flow pumps are supplied with a variety of differently sized pipe adaptors making them more versatile and easy to install in any pond/fountain.

Waterfall pumps are guaranteed against defective material and workmanship for a period of twenty four months from the original date of purchase.


Picture Gallery of Pumps & Waterfeatures at our premises: