Plastic Pots & Hardware Collage:

This collage contains pictures of the plastic pots and hardware that we do stock, there are still much more to be explored when you visit our premises:

Plastic Pots & Saucers:

  • Plastic pots range from round plastic pots, seedling trays to window boxes.
  • They come in round and square shapes as well as rectangular.
  • The round pots range from 4cm to 55cm wide, square pots from 8cm to 22cm wide.
  • These pots come in terracotta, green, white and black colours.
  • These pots are also available with there saucers.
  • We do keep two plastic pot ranges, Calibre and Plasticotto.


We do stock a large variety of gardening hardware. Here the list goes on and on...!!! We stock any hardware that is used around the house and in the garden. We stock from hosepipe fittings and hose pipes to hanging baskets and coir liners, terracotta clay pots and watering cans to tree stakes and garden tree ties, windowbox brackets and hangers to gardening gloves and lots,lots more......!!!!!