• Lawndressing is a light black/brown mixed soil.
  • Lawndressing consists of 50% chicken manure, 50% Vaalbruin sandy topsoil.
  • Lawndressing is used to cover your grass as a topdressing.
  • Lawns must not be covered more than 1cm at a time. Lawndressing is very rich in nitrogen and will burn the grass if applied to thick.
  • Lawndressing also fills up small holes in the lawn, but the more level the lawn, the better the results.
  • Do not use lawndressing in flowerbeds as this may result in buring the plants.
  • When lawndressing is applied to your lawn area make sure to water every day for 10min for the first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks every second to third day.
  • Lawndressing must be applied to lawns from August - October before the warm November/December months.
  • NEVER topdress L.M. grass. L.M grass doesn't like to be covered. If need to be topdresses, put small amount of lawndressing on and brush in with a broom. Also make sure to water well.



  • Lawndressing can be collected at our premises in loose quantities during office hours except on Sundays. (if own labour is supplied you are welcome to load loose quantities on any given Sunday.)
  • Lawndressing is also available in bags for collection as well as delivery. (min.10 big bags, 20 small bags for delivery.)
  • Lawndressing can also be delivered to your doorstep, min. 1cub/mtr, max. 5cub/mtr. (see pricelist for further details)
  • 20cub/mtr deliveries can also be arranged if the terrain is suitable for horse and trailer rigs.

Soil samples: