Potting Soil:


  • Potting soil is a dark brown mixed soil.
  • Potting soil consists of Mushroom compost, Vaalbruin & Red topsoil, Mineral sand, Bark chips and riversand for optimal drainage.
  • It is ideal for the planting of pots and flowerboxes of any size.
  • Our potting soil mixture has better water drainage than commercialized barkchip mixtures.
  • Potting soil is a uniquely balanced soil mixture and consists of enough compost and fertilizers to feed your plants, so there is no need for adding additional compost etc.
  • This is the ideal mixture and it won't burn your plants.
  • REMEMBER to always put stones first in the bottom of the pots and/or flowerboxes before filling up with the potting soil mixture. This ensures optimal drainage.


  • Potting soil can be collected at our premises in loose quantities during office hours except on Sundays. (if own labour is supplied you are welcome to load loose quantities on any given Sunday.)
  • Potting soil is also available in bags for collection as well as delivery. (min.10 big bags, 20 small bags for delivery.)
  • Potting soil can also be delivered to your doorstep, min. 1cub/mtr, max. 5cub/mtr. (see pricelist for further details)
  • 20cub/mtr deliveries can also be arranged if the terrain is suitable for horse and trailer rigs.

Soil samples: