Vaalbruin Topsoil:


  • Vaalbruin topsoil is a light brown sandy topsoil.
  • Vaalbruin topsoil is sifted, to get rid of lumps of grasses, roots and stones.
  • It is mainly used for filling of uneven patches on lawns.
  • Vaalbruin topsoil is also used as an ingredient in our garden soil mixes, like lawndressing, potting soil and landscape soil.


  • Vaalbruin topsoil can be collected at our premises in loose quantities during office hours.
  • Vaalbruin topsoil is also available in bags for collection as well as delivery. (min.10 big bags, 20 small bags for delivery )
  • Vaalbruin topsoil can also be delivered to your doorstep, min. 1cub/mtr, max. 5cub/mtr. (see pricelist for further details)
  • 20cub/mtr deliveries can also be arranged if the terrain is suitable for horse and trailer rigs.

Soil samples: